Case Study

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is one of the largest consumer-based organizations in Canada. They help provide freedom and peace of mind to over 6 million Members through 9 automobile clubs and over 100 offices located across the country.

In a highly competitive environment where huge automotive exhibitors are steps away, CAA challenged us to engage potential consumers and educate show delegates about key features and benefits they may not be familiar with. We were also tasked to capture their information and were solely responsible for promotions and selling show special memberships.

Leverage rmg digital’s Blaze to pull consumers into the event space. Creating a unique digital ‘Spin to Win’ contest, whereby consumers entered their information on a designated launch pad, which gave them the chance to spin for various prizes. This went hand in hand with our robust Brand Ambassadors program to help drive sign ups and purchases of memberships.

Launch Pad: integrated with a data capture form, which allowed show attendees to enter their information and Spin to Win a randomize prize.

Games: interactive digital wheel that appears after show attendees information was entered. The wheel was spun and then rewarded attendees with a prize.

The goal was to exceed the number of leads and membership purchased from the previous year, which was drastically surpassed. More memberships were purchased (354 in 2016 vs 404 in 2017) and roughly 4,000 more leads were captured (6,638 in 2016 vs 10,000+ in 2017). This was also the first time rmg’s brand staff were solely responsible for educating consumers and influencing the sale of memberships.

For the past four years, we have been CAAs go to marketing agency because we continue to exceed our expectations. They present us with a goal and we blow it out of the water. Traditionally, we manage to capture 6,000+ new leads, but this year, with the integration of our digital technology, Blaze and our Brand Ambassadors, we exceeded expectations by 4,000! Bringing the total leads to well over 10,000. Our staff was also the sole team on the floor, educating the show attendees about the benefits of their programs. Constantly pushing our consumers experience to the next level, there’s a reason why CAA consistently partners with us.

Case Studies

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