meaningful and memorable experiences, that just keep giving.


Ambassadors of the imagination, we develop a creative solution that’s custom-made to build your brand, fit your budget and deliver.

Partner with rmg and utilize our digital software to create impact that drives your target audience to discuss your brand through all media, social and digital channels. Employing Blaze’s event specific tools, you will receive consumer excitement and strong brand associations before, during and after the event.


Initiate the conversation and build exclusivity pre-show by inviting your audience to visit your space. Send social media and email reminders with important information. This way your audience will have the opportunity to download your marketing collateral and come armed with questions.


Humans have an 8 second attention span (1 second longer than a goldfish). You have seconds to make an impressions, so make it count. Establish more connection, people are what matters, move to action, bridging the gap between deciding & doing. Delegates need to engage all 5 senses in a unique experience that is both meaningful to your messaging, but also appropriately timed, and of course, memorable. Using Beacons to push out branded materials or Appointment Bookers to schedule client meetings – we’ll develop an interactive strategy that drives engagement to your event. Not only does our digital software give your brand the key to interact with your audience, it also delivers relevant and brand credible experiences for consumers.


Post show, review your sales team’s performances, import stats into your CRM, find the true value and continue the conversation via social media and email blasts. No matter the event size, location or topic, we drive consumer awareness, retention and conversion every day. Creating a lasting and measurable bond between our clients brands and their specific target consumer.


See how you can leverage Blaze to stand out in the busy event space; creating a conversation which is just the beginning…

  • Schedule appointments for customers in real time, automatically adding events to their mobile or email calendars, shortening the sale cycle.

  • Message customers instantly or integrate with promotions and contests. Use keywords to call data to your consumer’s device, or have it load automatically using beacons and the physical net.

  • Appear on your consumer’s device at the tap of a finger, with a dynamic landing page customized by product, category, audience, sales rep and more.

  • Metrics & reporting give you the inside scoop, allowing you to measure event efficiency and plan strategically for the future.

Case Study

400% Increase in Franchisee Appointments – Chairman’s Brands

For over 40 years, Chairman’s Brands has left a lasting impression on Canadian customers from coast-to-coast, as well as expanding in the US and internationally. They have grown to become one of the largest quick-serve restaurant brands in Canada. Th...
Case Study

Significantly Increase Leads & Brand Awareness – ACE Bakery

ACE Bakery is the maker of European-style, artisan breads and baked goods. They have over 35 varieties of bread, made preservative free and from natural starters, in addition to other specialty products. ...

Case Studies

Learn about our client's success stories and see how they leveraged Blaze to achieve inspired results.