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Ambassadors of the imagination, we develop a creative solution that’s custom-made to build your brand, fit your budget and deliver.

Create an dynamic customer experience by leveraging our proprietary Blaze software to create campaigns that are engaging and interactive. Complement your traditional marketing programs, product sampling and demonstrations with interactive Enter to Win contests, SMS Coupon giveaways, and/or Social Media sharing initiatives. Not only will you create a memorable consumer experience, you will obtain valuable insights into your consumers world. Detailed reporting and metrics are an invaluable tool in brand planning brand loyalty and obtaining deeper consumer data capture. Blaze also assists with sales support by creating hype and driving conversion with at point of sale.


Let Blaze make you a force to be reckoned with in the retail space.

  • Reach your customers as part of a regular incentive program and offer value added information that matters to your audience.

  • Use keywords to call data to your consumer’s device and message them instantly with promotions, contests, and coupons.

  • A dynamic ever changing hub for a variety of content customized by product, category, audience, sales rep and more.

  • Get real time feedback – get to know your demographic through regular digital surveys by SMS or email.

  • Effortlessly send discounts and coupons, and measure redemption.

Case Study

10,042 New Leads & 10% Membership Increase – CAA

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) is one of the largest consumer-based organizations in Canada. They help provide freedom and peace of mind to over 6 million Members through 9 automobile clubs and over 100 offices located across the country. ...
Case Study

49% Increase in Coupon Redemption – Chairman’s Brands

For over 40 years, Chairman’s Brand has left a lasting impression on Canadian customers from coast-to-coast, as well as expanding in the US and internationally. They have grown to become one of the largest quick-serve restaurant brands in Canada. The...

Case Studies

Learn about our client's success stories and see how they leveraged Blaze to achieve inspired results.