Case Study

For over 40 years, Chairman’s Brand has left a lasting impression on Canadian customers from coast-to-coast, as well as expanding in the US and internationally. They have grown to become one of the largest quick-serve restaurant brands in Canada. Their family of brands includes 241 Pizza, Coffee Time, Eggsmart, Robin’s, New Orleans Pizza, Mia Fresco, The Friendly Greek, and Capt’n Sub. Chairman’s restaurants offer fresh new menu items, along with the classic favourites that customers love.

Chairman’s brand came to us because they were looking to augment their digital marketing program. We partnered with them to build a digital marketing program for them, with a focus on optimizing their email marketing strategy.

After accessing their competition and developing tactical ways to reach out to prospective customers, our team deployed Chairman’s Brands customized email marketing program. These campaigns were mainly promotional, with the integration of interactive pieces, such as social media, data capture contests, and coupon redemption. Our strategies helped increase conversion, subscription growth, coupon redemption, and online orders.

Email Marketing: included interactive enter to win social media contest.

Email Marketing: included interactive enter to win social media contest.

Email Marketing: included interactive enter to win social media contest.

Email Marketing: integration with an incentive coupon new subscribers received upon signing up.

Instantly, Chairman’s Brands saw an increase in statistics. We exceed expectations and helped increase their social following. subscription list, and enhanced online orders with a 49% improvement.

Being a multi-brand company, Chairman’s Brands needed a robust system that was easy to use and could cater to all of their brands. They really struggled to find a solution that worked for them, until they partnered with rmg digital. Not only has the technology been amazing, but our marketing team has also helped Chairman’s Brands boost creativity and overall strategy for each brand. Primarily they use Blaze for email marketing and what’s stood out for them is its diversely custom functionality, especially with its integration of social media, contests and coupons. After only the first month of using Blaze, Chairman’s Brands online ordering has grown by 49%!

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